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Main School

By this stage pupils are more used to moving around the School to specialist subject areas and are able to take full advantage of all Aberdour’s facilities. These include an IT room, a STEAM room, a “Factory” for turning digital creations into reality, well equipped laboratories, a specialist music suite and specialist Art and DT rooms.

From Year 3 pupils follow our unique PAL curriculum. This is designed to meet the rigors of Senior School entry examinations whilst providing a breadth of skills and knowledge as a strong foundation for the future.

PAL focusses on developing the critical life skills:

  • Individual brilliance and belief

  • Creativity

  • Problem solving – the ability to collect, present and analyse information

  • Critical thinking – the ability to ask questions and make hypotheses

  • Leading, co-ordinating and co-operating with others

  • Communicating and presenting – written, verbal, physical and technical

  • Achieving goals – ambition, aspiration, pride in success

The curriculum is divided into three areas:




  • English
  • Science

Building an individual, questioning approach to the four elements

  • Maths
  • Communication and Languages
  • Living – Biology, Geography and our environment
  • Reasoning
  • Humanities – History and Geography
  • Being – Philosophy, Culture, RS and History
  • IT and STEAM
  • Visual Arts
  • Create – enterprise, digital learning and producing
  • 11+
  • Sport
  • Endeavour – challenge, performance and exploration





Pupils are also involved with the School orchestra, choirs and band and all take part in regular sports fixtures and drama productions. Opportunities to explore wider skills such as Public Speaking, debating, creative arts, golf, sailing, gymnastics, dance are available within the school day with further opportunities available as extra-curriculum clubs.

Through a personalised curriculum our pupils are able to become confident contributors to their own futures.